Established 2008

"Every bike deserves a new life",- I said to my wife…

I couldn’t understand why people just threw away their old bicycle. I couldn't understand why people had left it behind with a bent wheel, or just a little rust on it. I couldn’t understand why people decided to upgrade themselves by buying a new bicycle before considering the quality they might possess, and the opportunities for upcycling. 

...Even though the bicycle had been through a LOT in its lifetime, people decided to replace it. A bike with soul and patina. Just lying there.

While passing through the streets of central Copenhagen, when studying architecture, driving my sons in a baby carriage, I watched selected bicycles. Over two maternity leaves. And in between...

The picture of these abandoned bicycles was constantly glued into my mind.

I was studying architecture when I made my very first bicycle in 2008. That one I owned for 3 days. I was asked for the price of the bike while cycling in the streets of Copenhagen. And sold it… needed the money.

The next one was built in the same style as the first one… from an old Raleigh frame. It was also sold two weeks later. I thought…Why?

I built several bikes as a student in architecture and after I graduated, I was working as one. I was still watching the bicycles left behind. Some I have lost, some I have gained. 

Meanwhile, my wife was studying Economics, and at the same time working at the local coffee shop as a barista to learn danish. Along the way, she graduated as an Economist with the danish language as a bonus. And of course, with her interest for a good quality coffee.

Living in the colorful Christianshavn in Copenhagen, I saw people biking… saw people enjoying coffee. And the idea of combining these two things, Coffee and Bikes, became more and more visual in my mind. In our minds.

We started to develop the concept and opened our first cafe under the name of Heritage Coffee and Bikes just before Christmas of 2014. The concept was the first of its kind in Denmark, combining what people here love and need the most: coffee and bikes. 

We change the name but we remain the same. We still try to reach peoples‘ hearts with a welcoming atmosphere, delicious coffee and food as well as best quality bicycles. Let’s continue the story together.

- Kristin and Haukur