The Wecycle Concept

The Wecycle Concept is based on the bicycles and how it all began. We upcycle old bicycles and bicycle parts. In addition, we build custom make bikes from handmade European frames and sell handmade bicycles from the Belgian brand Achielle.

The concepts consist of the bicycles as our core, delicious coffee and a café, and high-quality accessories, chosen because they represent what we stand for, quality and design. We also rent high-end bicycles for people who want quality and design.

We started restoring and upcycling old bicycles, sometimes with only the frame as the only usable component from a single bike. The frame is the most important item from a bicycle because when you have a quality frame, you can always restore it and create a new upcycled quality bicycle with a soul and history. Unfortunately, other parts from a single bicycle cannot always be used in the same sense, but when possible, we restore them and use them as bike components.

At Wecycle Copenhagen, we focus on the bicycle as an extension of the body, enabling you as a person to be more mobile and healthy. We focus on customizing your style because you are different. At Wecycle, we Upcycle.

The concept is designed to challenge your senses resulting in a positive experience for you as a customer.

Recycling and Upcycling...and so much more

The Wecycle Concept is about both recycling and upcycling. We upcycle all materials possible and recycle when we can. Corks from wine bottles are upcycled when we use them as a functional detail on handlebars, creating your upcycled dream bike. In our store you find, among many other things, upcycled bicycle racer tires that have been given a new life as a high quality Italian made belts and Danish designed saddle covers upcycled from high-quality furniture fabrics from many of the well known Danish brands. At the café, we focus on quality and organic products and we care for, and respect, mother nature. Takeaway customers are rewarded with a free cup of coffee when they return with coffee trays, sometimes with vintage coffee stains as a bonus 😉

The Wecycle Concept cares about nature. You can too. When riding your custom made dream bike, you are saving the planet the pollution you would create by choosing your car instead.

At WEcycle, We all cycle. YouCycle, WeLoveCycle