Our bikes

At Wecycle Copenhagen, you get custom designed bicycle.
We either upcycle old bicycles in our workshop or build a brand new bicycles from handmade frames, made in Belgium. We also offer handmade bicycles from the Belgian brand Achielle without any intermediaries, enabling us to offer handmade quality bicycles at fair price. All bicycles from Achielle are made and assembled in Belgium.
Our bike concept consists of custom made bicycles made by Wecycle Copenhagen and handmade old style bicycles, made by the Belgium brand Achielle.

Why are our bicycles so special?

First of all, each bicycle is unique as we customize each bicycle to you.
The look of the bicycle is customized to you by choosing the right steer, saddle, gear or what ever you dream of.
Want to add a bicycle basket or a front carrier, just let us know. We will fix it for you. Even the bicycles available in store and online can be customized to your need and taste.
By upcycling old bicycles and frames, we preserve the history and old design while building a special bicycle for you.
By building bicycles from handmade frames produced in Europe, we are able to create your dream bike as you want it.
By selling handmade bicycles made and assembelled in Europe without any intermediaries we guarantee high quality at fair price.
We buy old frames and bicycles online and at flea markets all around the world. People bring grandma’s bike to our workshop, wanting us to restore it and give it a new live.
We restore all our bikes with respect for the heritage and the material we can upcycle…and recycle when possible.

Restored Thorr's

Thorr’s bicycles are upcycled and upgraded older vintage bicycles, classics or racers, custom made for you. Each bicycle is unique up cycled product.

Custom Made Achielle

Custom made Achielle bicycles are handmade bicycles available in many colors. All bicycles available can easily be customized to your preferences.

Handmade Old Style Achielle

Bicycle in vintage retro style. All frames are made of steel, using parts from Brooks England. All bicycles are handmade, built and assembled in Belgium.
Tokyobike Bisou in mint standing in front a door


Check out tokyobike, a great citybike for copenhagen

Bike rental

Want to ride the city like a true Dane? Drop by at Wecycle and rent a handmade bike from the Belgian brand Achielle.