Custom Made bicycyles from Achielle

Achielle bicycles have been handmade in Belgium by the Achielle family since 1946. Each bicycle is made, built and assembled in Belgium, making them one of the few bicycles still handmade in Europe.

Achielle Belgium has been awarded with the "Handmade in Belgium" label. In addition, Achielle was named "Creative Company of the Year" in 2011, were crowned "Craftsman of the Year" in 2012 and won the "Trends Business Tour" in 2014.

At Wecycle, we are proud to be the first one to introduce and sell the Belgium brand Achielle in Denmark. We are proud of introducing a brand with high quality and design.

We ensure the best experience with each bicycle.

Custom made bicycles from Achielle

Bicycle in vintage, retro style. All bicycles are handmade from steel frame, built and assembled in Belgium.