"Rent a classical handmade bicycle and ride like a Dane" At Wecycle, you can rent exclusive classical bicycles from the Belgium brand Achielle. All bicycles are handmade and specially chosen for you to ride like a Dane. We have bicycles for both men and women, all equipped with lights and lockers. In addition, you can rent a helmet, rain poncho, basket and a baby seat. Send mail for booking and further information
1/2 day 8-13 80 DKK
1/2 day 13-18 80 DKK
1 Day 150 DKK
2 Days 250 DKK
3 Days 330 DKK
4 Days 410 DKK
5 Days 490 DKK
6 Days 570 DKK
1 week 600 DKK
Extra Equipment  
Brooks England Helmet 20 DKK
Basket 20 DKK
Rain Poncho 20 DKK
Baby Seat 20 DKK
Picknick Basket for 2 149 DKK
 - Add extra person 70 DKK