Custom Made Bikes

Custom made bicycles are made in two ways:

Restored Thorr's:
Using old bicycles and frames we upcycle and restore bicycles, giving them a new life. We only use vintage or classic bicycles in our work. With respect for the environment and old design, we try to restore as much as possible from the original bicycle. The parts we are not able to restore and upcycle are replaced with new parts or recycled parts, all depending on the design and how you want your bike customized.

Custom made Achielle:
Using handmade steel frames from the Belgian brand Achielle, we custom make new bicycles available in many colors. You choose the frame and the reserve parts and we will make your dream bike.


Thorr’s bicycles are upcycled and upgraded older vintage bicycles, classics or racers, custom made for you. Each bicycle is unique up cycled product.


Custom made Achielle bicycles are handmade and available in many styles and colors. All bicycles can easily be customized to your preferences.

Examples of previous custom made bicycles