Seasonal menu in english


Breakfast roll with cheese and jam (v)                               36
Overnight Oatmeal (ve)                                                            45
oatmeal, fresh berries, banana, nutspread
Omilette (v)                                                                                    69
pepper, onion, cheese
Poached Egg
(choose between ryebread or sourdogh)
- Avocado (v)                                                                                  75
beetroot hummus, avocado, poached egg
crushed almonds, chives
- Smoked Salmon                                                                         79
gravlax sauce, smoked salmon
poached egg, dill
Waffle & Fresh Fruit (v)                                                            47
Fresh Orange Juice/Apple Juice                                            35
Ginger Shot                                                                                    25
Bullet Proof                                                                                    47
(low carb energt breakfast)
espresso, coconut oil, butter

Add extra:

egg/beetroot hummus/mozzarella/prosciutto/bacon       15
scrambled eggg/sweet potato/avocado/smoked salmon  20


Seasonal Soup (served with bread)                                      69

Ask for the seasonal soup

SOURDOUGHS (served with side salad)

Autumn Vegetables (ve)                                     89
autumn vegetables, beetroot hummus,
balsamic glaze, roasted pumpkin seeds, chives
Smoked Salmon                                                    89
smoked salmon, lemon, dill, gravlax sauce
Chicken Satay                                                       89
chicken, chutney, pineapple, peanut butter sauce,
coriander, lime
Cajun Chicken                                                       89
chicken, bacon ,mozzarella, chilli mayo,
pickled onions,caesar dressing

Add extra:

 egg/beetroot hummus/mozzarella/prosciutto/bacon       15
 scrambled eggg/sweet potato/avocado/smoked salmon  20


Goat Cheese Salad                                                    89
salad mix, goat cheese, roasted
beatroot, nuts, avocado, balsamic dressing
Caesar Salad                                                             89
romaine lettuce, caesar dressing, chicken,
croûtons, parmesan
v - vegetarian ve - vegan
all our eggs are free range & organic homemade food in our own kitchen


Nuts, Olives, Hummus & Bread (ve)                                     59
soy roasted almonds, olives,
beetroot hummus, bread
Sweet Potato med chillimayo (ve)                                       59
Nachos (v)                                                                                     79
tortilla chips, cheese, jalapenos, salsa,
guacamole, créme fraiche
Tapas Board to share                                                             149
goats cheese, brie, parmesan, prosciutto, apple,
olives, nuts, beetroot hummus,bread

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